Car Accident Lawyer Londonderry - Beware Before Making a Decision

by David

Car Accident Law: What Can I Do?

A car accident lawyer in Belfast can help you out when you have been involved in an auto collision. If you are unfortunate enough to have met with an automobile accident, you must first and foremost make an appointment with a car accident lawyer in Belfast. The solicitor will examine the case in detail and provide his opinion regarding the legalities of your case. He will advise you as to what you should do next and how your case should be handled. As a client, you would also have to understand the importance of retaining a car accident lawyer in case you get injured in a road traffic accident in Belfast.

Car Accident Lawyer Londonderry


You must bear in mind that a solicitor cannot give you legal advice. Advice from a solicitor is only applicable when he has comprehensively and thoroughly researched your case. A solicitor may refer you to legal representatives or conduct his own investigation before arriving at any conclusions. The solicitor's aim is to help you resolve the issue between you and your insurance company as quickly as possible. He will obtain an outcome that suits you and your vehicle better than if you attempt to handle the matter on your own.


Insurance companies are constantly on the lookout for clients who will contest or reduce their compensation payout. For this reason, they employ experienced car accident lawyers in Belfast to conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf. In most cases, car accident law firms in Belfast will advise their clients to contact them immediately.


A solicitor will help you understand the implications of your car accident has on your life. This will help you make a decision whether to press on with the insurance claim procedure or to accept the insurance company's offer. In some cases, the car accident settlement will include certain rehabilitation and medical costs. This will be determined by the solicitor on the basis of the severity of your injuries and the duration of your illness. Solicitor will also look into the financial implications of your accident for your family.


A solicitor will also look into the details of the settlement offer you are being offered by the car accident company. If there is money involved and you do not want to accept it, the solicitor can negotiate to reduce it. The most common way to settle insurance claims is through 'value'. The value is a sum that the insurance company and the solicitor arrive at by calculating how much your vehicle is worth. If they believe they are undervaluing the vehicle, they may reduce the compensation offer, which is better for you because it means you don't have to pay more than you should.


You will also have to take into account the damage your car is likely to incur in the repairs. You will need to calculate the cost of the repairs before you accept the offer from the car insurance company. The solicitor will also check the cost of car insurance for your vehicle against the amount of compensation that you are being offered. If you feel the insurance sum is too low, you may be able to appeal against it. Your appeal should be based on the unfair treatment you have been given.


It is important not to decide quickly or to agree with the first offer you are made. It is vital to get as many quotes to compare. The car accident law firm will be able to advise you on the process you need to follow to make a personal injury claim and, if appropriate, they can advise you on the process for making a no win no fee arrangement. You will have to give the car insurance company a written statement which will have to be submitted with the application form. It will contain details of who is at fault, the circumstances of the accident and any damage to the car or property that has occurred.


A no win no fee arrangement can save you from having to pay compensation to someone else following an accident. It is important, however, that you read the terms of the arrangement very carefully. It is not advisable to sign anything before consulting a solicitor. No win no fee arrangements are also known as "contingency fees". In the UK, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) regulates the provision of these arrangements.